Monday, July 20, 2009

LPL Video Recap

Hey ladies -just recently found this video that LPL made from the Pittsburgh event & Lisa and I made the cut... check it out:

Much Love!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Update In Pictures

Hellloooooooo ladies!

It has been a whirlwind in the Lowry world for the past two months so I havn't had much of a chance to sit down and share with you about all of the crazy things that God has been doing in my life... soooooooooo... I decided to show you just what's been happening with us.

I have so much more to tell you but I will save that for another day :) Here are some pics that kind of capture the life of the Lowry's for the past two months:

Acquire the Fire 2009 was AMAZING! We had an awesome group of kids go, the worship by Phil Joel was sick, and overall we worshipped God like we were in Heaven sitting at His feet - soooo flippin' awesome! Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Here is a pic of our group that went.... about 43 of us - sooo much fun :)

Okay... so ATF was on Friday & Saturday... then we had church on Sunday and left on this gianormous plane for Hawaii at the crack of dawn on Monday. Good trip. Long trip. But totally worth it!

Our first full day there we went to this place called Goat Island... and you had to "hike" through the water to get there.

t was a really fun day.
We got pretty sun-burnt since the shade was scarce.

And then on the way back, high tide was up and the water that WAS at our knees was now almost over my head!

Kind of scary... but a memory I will take with me to the bank.

We ate shrimp out of the back of this van... kind of scary at first... but ended up being really good :)

Me, my mom, & my Aunt Brenda showing off our new friend The Sea Turtle.

One of only 2 places in the world where they come and beach themselves :)

Later we swam with them and they chased JD because he had green in his shorts - hilarious!

Our hike up Diamond Head - really fun :)

Me & Mike showing off our climbing abilities...
Almost to the top - incredible view!

We grilled out one night on top of Ryan's apartment building.... and killed the cheesecake afterwards :)

*Pearl Harbor*

This was one of the anchors from a ship that was attacked during Pearl Harbor... how crazy big!

Getting ready to have brunch at the hotel where Ryan and Tracy got married - beautiful hotel!

Some of The CRUX who painted the funnel cake booth - never looked better if I do say so myself :)

*Our new home in Dover, OH*

We took this pic the weekend we came up to scout it out and see if it would work....

I am now writing to you from that kitchen... how wierd is that?

Flo - one of our many neighbors!

Saying good-bye at Jumonville... one of the saddest moments of my life!

The students were so incredible and God just moved through them in ways that I have never seen before!

They could definitely rival the disciples in Acts when the Holy Spirit came down!

Leader's meeting at Jumonville...
Lisa - so silly!

Pastor Larry came up to camp one night to check out how things were going and support us - what an awesome coach!

Us with Bubba Smith - our speaker for Jumonville '09
He did an awesome job... as usual :)

Waste no time!

The Friday that Jumonville was over Lisa Labon and I headed straight from camp to Pittsburgh to worship God and hear Beth Moore speak at a conference - it as a blast!

We were "Encouragers" so we had the opportunity to pray with women during the "altar call" time... it was seriously one of the best experiences of my life.

Lisa and I showing off our beautiful blue vests that the Encouragers got to wear!

Beth praising God - can it get any better?

*Beth Moore*
she was incredible...

Jumonville Sunday
- the best service I've ever experienced at Concord... no joke!

The CRUX had a powerful drama that they did... and JD gave a relevant, real message that really hit home :) (I'm not biast or anything... haha)

The Last ABLAZE for us....
Really sad, but a great night!

Me & JD with the cakes that they got us :)

Broke down on the way to Dover, OH :(
Is this a sign? Nahhhhhhh!

So the jeep has black smoke pouring out of it, and this semi-truck pulls over on the other side of the highway...

We see a man running toward us and we think - oh how awesome... someone to come and help....

The man finally gets to us and says:
"Can you give me directions?"

And we're like..... seriously?

God taught us patience that day... hahaha

JD on his first day at NewPointe!

Bills.... blah!
But at least I am doing them in our new home :)

Steve petting Fletcher - another one of our neighbors... he is sooo fun to have around.

Student Ministry meeting at the LeeAnn & Daryl's...

Notice the food that we are shoving into our mouths :)

Totally necessary!

Dave (the boss.. haha) and his four year old son Nico

Dave's wife Brooke and thier other son Gino
He's out like a light! Ha ha :)

Joey & Teddy Miller... being themselves... hahaha

Teddy, Joey, Matt, & I chilling out and getting ready to eat pizza before going to see the movie UP.
A really good movie by the way!

*Welcome To Our City*
How sweet is that sign?! Love it!

Matt showing off his skills at Tuscora Park...
We were bored after the movie... but I am just now realizing how truly bored we were! haha

JD... testing the limits of the playground...
He's always testing limits... :)

So that is the latest update that I have! I hope the pictures helped :)

Please know ladies that even in the midst of chaos I am still loving you and parying for you always! Just this week God was screaming at me that I have made myself so busy that I havn't spent enough time just with Him and Him alone. Let me encourage you not to get to the point where God has to scream at you.. :)... I love you girls - keep worshipping Him with everything you have!

All My Love,
Susan Elaine

p.s. I have something really amazing to share with you on the next blog, but I don't want to overload you with information :)