To serve or not to serve.

I cannot begin to describe how blessed I have been to serve in ministry for the past eight years.  My shoulders have held thousands of tears and my arms have embraced hundreds of students and leaders a like.

When I was in seventh grade, I prayed that God would use me to touch the lives of millions of people. Millions. I kid you not - as a seventh grader!! Well, I'm not there yet - but I'm on my way! It was a Sun Stand Still prayer (as Steven Furtick would say)... and I litereally meant every ounce of it.

Words cannot describe the beauty of the journey God has me on - and it all started with a simple prayer.

If you haven't yet, I charge you to find a place to serve in your local church.

If you haven't yet, I charge you today to pray for God's anointing on the area in which you already serve.

If you so happen to be anywhere physically near me, let me be the first to offer my church home as not only a sanctuary of grace, but a place to put in to practice those gifts which God has given you. For more information, check out www.springbranch,org

Be blessed my loves!