Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Power of a Hairdryer

Hello gorgeous!! 

For those of you who don’t know me personally, my husband (JD) and I were recently blessed with an addition to our family – a sweet baby boy! Beckett William Lowry graced us with his presence on March 20th at 3:04am. Yup… momma was tired and SO ready for him to be here at 3am!

With my new found title – mom, spit-up rag, diaper fairy, human swing – I have a whole new set of eyes on life. If you are a mom, you know that things just look different when you are looking at them through the lens of motherhood…

Middle schoolers all of a sudden seem SO BIG.
An hour is a really long time (especially if you are alone).
Showers become like mini spas.

You are exhausted, irritated, and messy... but feel like you could conquer the world on 3 straight hours of sleep.

And all of that said… it’s also the sweetest, most rewarding, most worth-it experience of your life. That 3am feeding (which Becks and I have every night consistently…his preference, not mine, haha) becomes one of your most precious prayer times. And when he finally catches your gaze and keeps it for the first time, your heart melts into a million pieces!

One of the most interesting things I look at differently through the lens of motherhood, is my hairdryer. Yes…hairdryer.

My hairdryer has become a companion of sorts – and it has gotten more use in the last 6 weeks than it has in the last 6 years. Why? Because I have learned that it has two incredible powers.

Let me explain…

Power #1: A hairdryer makes my baby super happy and content after a bath.

Every night, JD turns into “The Bath Man” and he spends about 10 minutes giving Beckett a full-service bath in our basement laundry tubs. After he is squeaky clean, the proud father opens the dryer that is actively warming Beckett’s towel, and wraps him in a heated heaven of cotton. Finally…he brings him upstairs, says “Mom, we’re ready”, and out comes my hairdryer.

For a good 10 minutes, Beckett has a date with the hair dryer, and I dry him head to toe – every nook and cranny of that baby skin gets warmed and dried. The minute I turn it on, his lips curl into a smile and his arms and legs fall limp in the warmth. It’s the best feeling – not just for him, but for us, because we simply love that he loves it.

Power #2: The second power that my hairdryer has is to put my baby straight to sleep.

I learned this one the hard way – after many hours of swaddling, “shoosh”ing, and swaying in the wee hours of the morning.

Every night, Beckett wakes up at 3am and he’s down right starving. So, I change him, nurse him, and try my darndest to get him back to sleep. Of course, no amount of nursing or rocking could get him to close his eyes and drift off to dreamland. One day, when I was talking to a friend about how hard it was to get him back to sleep, she passingly suggested turning on the hairdryer. It had worked for both of her daughters, so why not?

That night, on the hairdryer went and off to sleep my son went. VUALA! A MIRCLE!

I don’t what it is about that sound, but it can almost instantly take my little one from fighting sleep, to relaxed and snuggling into sleepy time.

Being a mom is absolutely incredible and nothing can fully prepare you for how it changes, not just your schedule, but your heart. I love this stage of life and if I can encourage new moms to do anything, it would be to embrace every moment because you can’t get them back once they’re gone.

All in all, the past six weeks have been somewhat of a blur…but this I can remember – I love my hairdryer.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good, Great, Generous (REPEAT)

Hey all!!

Hope you are all starting your new year off well!

Here's a little known fact about me - I have an unhealthy "fear of the unknown." Now, let me tell you, this fear can creep up on me at any given point... and it can be downright horrible at times.

Fortunately, but unfortunately, the hubs and I have been registering for our baby stuff over the past couple of days. Unfortunately? least for me. You see, when I look at the price tags on all of this stuff that everyone says you "need" to rear a child successfully, my mind goes haywire. I start to wonder how in the world this stuff is (A) going to fit into our house, and (B) fit into our budget! And if I dwell on it long enough, I start to choke on my fear of the unknown.

Maybe you're going through a similar situation - one where you have no control and no clue how your going to make it through. Maybe you have already been through something like this. Or... maybe you have no idea what I'm even talking about. Either way, when you start to have that sinking feeling of "We're not going to make it.", just do what I do and repeat these words:

God is good.
God is great.
God is generous.

God is good: He is - His character is good. He is not out to get us, forget about us, or make us suffer. He is good, and He can be no other way. 

God is great: He is all powerful. He holds the whole world in His hands, and NOTHING is outside of His control. He truly is great.

God is generous: He desires to bless His children. Now, remember this: Generosity doesn't always mean finances. So, think of the other ways He has provided for you (i.e. family, health, friendships, His love). He gave us eternal salvation for Pete's sake! And scripture tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us. His generosity cannot be outdone.

Remember... Good, Great, Generous, REPEAT.

God is good.
God is great.
God is generous.

Love you guys & I'm always here for you!

      ~ Suz

P.S. Don't forget to REPEAT!