Friday, December 30, 2011

Praise People

People need it. Time after time we receive conflict from others, and that can wear down on our spirits. I mean, let’s face it, people in our lives are very quick to pass judgment and let us know something that they don’t like about us… but not always quick to stand up and let us know that we are doing a good job.

Have you been there with me?  For some reason, lately, our family has come up against a lot of conflict. Obviously Satan is feeling pressure (which is a good thing), and so He’s trying to work in our lives to make us less effective in what we are doing to spread the Gospel.  But none-the-less, conflict is a hard thing to deal with in life…

Now, check this out – all of this conflict has been heavy on my heart for a while now. And just the other day, my husband gave a message that said this:

“Sometimes I believe God doesn’t let us get reassurance from people because he doesn’t want me to put my faith in myself. He wants me to put my faith in HIM.”

Isn’t that so true? Isn’t it true that when someone comes up and says, “You’re doing a really great job at ______.” – we can instantly take that praise and give ourselves credit for our success, instead of giving it to our God who makes all things possible?

Dear one, today I urge you – tell someone that they’re doing a good job, that you love them, that they are a success. And then remind them that all good things come from Christ himself – that we can do nothing apart from Christ – that we are here on this earth for one reason: to love God.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Mid-Winter's Night Out

Hey All! Our fam had a fantabulous day in Pittsburgh and I just had to share some of our adventures with you. It definitely wasn't the warmest day to walk through the city, but we just love it too much. 

Our first official stop was an overlook at the top of the city. Gorgeous & crazy windy!

Me and Diz - good thing you can't see our shivering in a picture ;)

Heinz Field baby! Proud Steeler fans

And we landed at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner - although, had no cheesecake. Sad, but true.

Had the best fresh mint sweet tea! Deeee-lish!
And since it was right next door, we couldn't help but stop over at our fav outdoor store!

We also couldn't leave without checking out the puppy stuff for our little one!

It was a great night of fun with some pretty fantastic people. When is the last time you went out and just had some random, unplanned fun? If it's been a while - do it asap!!

Mad Love! & Sweet Dreams <3

Just Do It

Morning lovelies!

I have had a thought on my mind for the past couple of days that I just wanted to share with you today...
Just Do It.  Whatever it is that is weighing heavy on your heart today...just do it. Have that difficult conversation. Make that phone call. Write the 'Thank You' card. Change the oil. Open your Bible. Say you're sorry. Place that appointment. Return the gift. Tell them you love them. Say "Hi" to the guy that you pass every single day. Put on your shoes and go for a run. Just Do It.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Friend Indeed...

Hello my beautiful friends!

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my best friends in the world, and in just a few minutes on the phone I was reminded of some incredible wisdom:

"If you don't give God the time, you won't be able to accomplish the dreams 
He has put in your heart, because our own abilities are so limited."

And although I know that in my heart to be true, my daily life does not always reflect it. Are you tracking with me on this one? Can you relate? I mean, how much does my daily life really reflect my Savior? I have to tell you, ever since I hung up the phone that question has been rattling around my brain.

I want to have a day that reflects who I am living for.  I have 24 hours in a day (roughly 16 of those awake), and I know in my heart that as of right now...those hours are selfishly being dedicated to other things in my world - things like work, and my family, and church... all good things, but none greater than spending time with God.  So often, when life gets busy, God goes to the back of our day.  But in reality, when our life ramps up... our focus should redirect from our to-do list to our God.

Let me encourage you today, if you are stressed, hurt, angry, dealing with difficult people, or anything in between, take a time out. Pray. Get into the Word. Spend time with the man who gave His life for you.

Couldn't love you more!

No one is more pleasurable to be around than a person who has had her cup
filled by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one who is never
overwhelmed by the depth and length of our need. 
-Beth Moore, Praying God's Word