Saturday, November 8, 2008

Open Prayers

Hey ladies!!! I am really excited to introduce something new to you today...

I know it has been forever since I have posted, but life has been just absolutely crazy these past weeks! Just last weekend JD, myself, and a group of our leaders from 180 attended the National Youth Workers Convention in Pitteburgh. It was a wonderful time of being recharged and poured into by amazing speakers and some very anointed bands!

One band in particular really struck my fancy - they are called Worth Dying For. Part of what I loved so much about them was that their lead singer was a woman, a youth pastor's wife (yay for us!), and her voice is incredible!!! Anywho, they did something during their performance that I thought was a total God Stop ~ before their last song, they told the audience that every show they play, they want their listeners to know how much they care about them... and so they invited everyone to come to their booth after the show and give them your prayer requests so that they can be praying for us! I was almost literally floored when I heard them say that... it was such a different approach to music ministry and I absolutely loved it!

Though I didn't ask for any prayer requests, I did get a CD... and it is amazing! I highly encourage all you ladies to check out their myspace and listen to their music - they are so very anointed!

*Worth Dying For*

Now... I want to send out the very same invitation to you ladies!!! If there is ANYTHING that you need prayer for (I don't care how small) I beg you... please respond to this post or shoot me an email... because I truly do want to be praying for you! I love you dearly and really believe that we need to be fighting for one another in prayer!

I love you ladies!

All my love,
Susan Elaine

*If my lungs can't sing... I'll sing with my heart, with my soul, with my mind.... I'll sing it for you!
~lyrics from "At Your Cross" by Worth Dying For

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