Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Renewal

What a day...

Today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (okay, not really...) at 4am to watch Kate Middleton wed Prince William.  I know, I'm crazy - but something in me just leaps at the idea of a Royal Romance. I loved watching every second of the ceremony, and seeing how the bride just shinned in the presence of her love, her friends, and her family.  Every detail of the day planned out and made to be just as she desired - how wonderful it was to wait in anticipation of this day, and then to watch it all come together so beautifully... you can't help but be excited for these two loves that you don't even know.

As I was watching the event unfold so many things came to mind. Of course, at first I was enveloped in the beauty of the church, the exquisite dresses of the congregation and royal party, and the sheer beauty that Kate wore on her face as she walked down the isle to her destiny.  But soon after I took a breath, I was very deeply moved by something entirely different.  As the Royal couple were taking their vows, you could hear the enormous applause and roaring of the crowds outside of Westminster Abbey... and as they did, my heart too exploded with joy. I found myself in complete shock at how moved I was for this couple that I don't even know, but as I sat and continued to watch the day unfold it became so clear to me how much joy is contagious.

I can't help but liken the excitement of the London crowds to how it must be in Heaven when one of God's children finally ask Him to be the Lord of their life.  Though the angels have much more to rejoice about, I believe God's heart is warmed at the sight of a crowd of strangers being so encouraging to their fellow man and woman.

Maybe we can use this day to remind us of how we are supposed to support and love those around us.  It is so easy to look at people and automatically see the things we don't like. It is so easy to judge. It is so easy to think of ourselves first and put ourselves on a pedestal. But if just for a day we can look at others and rejoice in their wins, love them unconditionally, and see them as Christ does - we will experience a renewal in our hearts. We will feel the joy of the Lord.

My hope is that this Royal day brings both you and I a Royal Renewal.

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