Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hello friends! I cannot wait to share with you tonight!!

If you will, take the next few moments... and let the thoughts that have been invading my heart, crowd your head.

For the past few months, I have had the joy and heartache of learning a lot about the relationships that I have been steeping myself in, and I urge you to learn from what God has been teaching me.

You see, God has been validating to me the concept that "Your friends and your relationships determine the direction and the quality of your life." Let me repeat that just in case you let it slip by without really letting it sink in: Your relationships determine the direction and the quality of your life.

I have had this overwhelming desire to share this thought recently because I have a person in my life right now who I can clearly see making bad choices...and at the root of those choices not only lies sin, but lies the influence of a "special someone" in their life. You see, what this person doesn't realize is that from the outside looking in, I can clearly see how their life has changed direction in the last few months - and how their relationship carries so much influence that it is taking them down a path that is anything but what God desires.

Now, let me ask you this question: How often do we seek the advice/approval/you-name-it of others without ever seeking out what God would want for us? Pretty often, right? I believe that's where my friend is - seeking the approval of people before, and maybe even in the place of, God.

We get told over and over and over again that we are supposed to ask others for help and enlist a team to help us do things in life... but I don't care how wise that person is - no one trumps God. Should we go to others? Yes. Should we seek wise council? Absolutely.  But not until we first seek after the council of the creator of wisdom. You see, when we first seek God's answers, we will be more able to discern wise from unwise council.

Scripture says it perfectly...
Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."
~1 Corinthians 15:33

I don't think it could be stated more clearly.
Your friends determine the direction and quality of your life. 

So, when you are looking for that "special someone" or when you are considering a relationship with anyone, I urge you to ask yourself these questions:

1.) Does this person have a relationship with Christ?

2.) Does their life reflect that they have a relationship with Him?

If number 1.) is a "No"... then run.
If number 2.) is a "No"... then that means that number 1.) is probably also a "No" and they either lied to you, or don't understand what the point of number 1.) is... and you should run.  

I pray daily that God will pour out His blessings on these words... that these posts will encourage you. Know this - You have a Father who looks at you with longing and desires to love you more than you could ever believe, ask for, or imagine.

~With All My Love

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