Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hello Darlings! I hope your day is going amazingly well ~ I am praying for each and every one of you who take time out of your day to read this blog! I love you all!

I was doing my morning Bible study and I just had to share with you a part of the study that we are doing. It is a Bible study called Believing God by Beth Moore. In the study, she talks about our faith and how a good way to reassure you faith every day is to always be looking for ways that God is showing His glory in our every-day lives. She calls these "moments where you notice God" GodStops (yup, one word).

Every morning I do devotions on my back patio. It is such a beautiful sight! The sun shines through the trees and the birds go crazy and it feels like God is painting a new picture for me every day. Here is a pic of what I look at every morning:

I want to encourage you girls to spend time, 5 minutes will do, each morning praying that God will rule over your day and that the two of you can get closer as each minute passes. Sometimes it seems so hard to get up and do devotions in the morning... we convince ourselves that we are more awake at night and will have better quality time with God in the evening. And although that may be true, I urge you to start off your day with God at the front line. And try your hardest to look for GodStops during your day... it is overwhelming how much He really is present in our lives!

I love you girls!

~Susan Elaine

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