Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Adventures of Porky and Porkchop!

Hey All!!!

I hope that you have been having a wonderful Christmas Season! We just got a phone call from my brother yesterday who was telling us that his wife was leaving yesterday for Colorado, then heading to Iraq... and that he would be going back to Iraq today... so as he is flying through the air right now I ask that you fervently pray for traveling mercies and God's hand in every step that they take. Although I know that Ryan was sad for the loss of his father-in-law, I also know that he was giddy over being able to come home and see his wife! What a bitter-sweet reunion for them!

Anyhow, I'm sure that you are all wondering what is up with the title of this blog? Well... last weekend my darling Lisa and I took a girls weekend trip down to Washington D.C. and had a absolute blast! We flew through the museums and dashed through all of the memorials and were in absolute love with the blue skies that God provided us with! It was a very refreshing week - only a little bit of work done in the hotel room - and the rest of the time was spent enjoying how amazing that city is!

Anywho... while in D.C. we were talking about the fun that we were having and how great it would be to make an awesome children's book based on our D.C. Adventure!!!! Well... since our nicknames (from JD of course) are Porky (me) and Porkchop (Lisa)... we figured that we could call our series - "The Adventures of Porky and Porkchop" and then each time we travel and visit a new city, we can write an educaitonal, but hilarious, children's book about these two pigs (Porky and Porkchop) who teach us about the world through their traveling tales!!! Doesn't that sound like a blast!!! I know we had a blast with it! And after all... who wouldn't want to make a living by traveling around the world and having fun? Well... keep it in the back of your minds, and if one day you happen to see our books in stores - please purchase one and learn about our adventures! haha Oh how I love you ladies!

Here are some pics from our Big D.C. Adventure:

(Lisa wearing the Captiol Building as a hat)

(George is one of our favorite all-time men!)

(the White House! How beautiful it was at night!)

(accidentally cut off Abe's head - oops!)
(holding the washington monument in my hand)

(Madam President Suzi? hahahaha)

(the Hope Diamond - gorgeous)

(a capitol hat for me - yay)

I love you girls - please let me know if you have any prayer requests!

All My Love,
Susan Elaine

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