Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait!

Hey ladies! I am so glad to have a few moments with you this morning :) Most often I am rushing from here to there and just can't sit down and put my thoughts down... but today is different. Make no mistake, I still have an entire day planned out, but I was able to steal a few moments to ask for prayers. I titled this post "Hurry Up and Wait!" because that is truly what God has been calling me to do - wait. How boring! haha But I know that I am waiting on the Lord for something great. My prayer for you today (and I hope yours for me) is that God will end any periods of waiting that we might be going through. You know, often I will pray to see God's will in my waiting period - but I truly think I have seen it and now I am just eager for the next step He chooses. Anyhow ladies, I have to go fight for the bathroom, but I love you and have you on my heart always!


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