Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vacation & Valentine

Hey all! I am so glad to be writing to you this morning. I have to be quick because JD and I are leaving for vacation in a few short hours - YAY!!! Unfortunately, we are not going to be backpacking in Tennessee like we had originally planned. L Instead, we are going to be car camping in Deep Creek, Maryland J. We are very excited because it is supposed to be beautiful with tons to do! I am nearly jumping out of my skin, I am so excited.

Anyhow, I want to leave you with a picture of a man named Hal Valentine – a man who our mission team worked with while in Tennessee…

While on our trip, we were able to hear Hal’s story and how he is living his life in dedication to God – a completely inspiring man! He takes people whose lives have gotten out of control and helps them to put everything back in order and get back on their feet. He does this without being paid… and if anything, spends most of his own money trying to help them turn away from their addictions and turn toward our Holy God! I have been praying fervently for Hal and I am asking that you girls add him to your prayer list. He is a true example of someone who is using his whole life to grow the kingdom! Let’s pray him into oblivion!!

Well, I am off to vacation – I will miss you girls and will write in a week… pray for traveling mercies! I love you ladies!

Much Love,

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