Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Womanly type of Wise

Today’s Treasure: Proverbs 14:1

“A wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

Oh how excited I am to show you what the Lord has given us in today’s treasure:
As I read through this verse, my eyes really stuck on the word “wise” and what it means to be a “wise woman”. You see, I love this verse because it is so broad and can be applied to anything, but today I want us to be very specific with it.

Are you ready to think UP? Okay, here we go!

The transliteration for the Hebrew word “wise” used here in Proverbs is the word chokmowth. And this word is used only 5 total times in the Old Testament (4 of which are in Proverbs). Within these 5 mentions, it seems as though the author connects wisdom to two things – (1.) building and (2.) words

My dear sisters… I wonder how often we truly realize what our words can do – how our words can build up or tear down some of the most important things in our lives – our relationships. You see I really believe that the Lord is trying to tell us something through Solomon that is so obvious, something that we so easily pin point in others, but rarely apply to ourselves – that our words actually mean something! Darlings, if we are going to say something, anything… we better wise up and learn to think before we speak. How many of us women today have relationships that have been broken by words. I know I am a victim of my own words – so many times I have hurt and been hurt simply because I didn’t have the wisdom to think about my words well before I actually spoke them. Let’s use this day as a spring board to a new way of life – a life that is focused around wisdom that builds up… not tears down. I ask you to think of one person who you often tear down (who oddly enough, is usually the people that mean the most to us – family, spouses, etc.), and use every opportunity that God gives you to build that person up. When we can start living a lifestyle of building, who knows what kind of openings the Lord will put in front of us! I hope that you are as blessed as I am by this incredible view of wisdom.

Today is a building day… lets get started!

I love you all!!

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Jenn said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite New Testament books - James. Again, thanks for the reminder!