Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hey loves!

I am so tired but I just had to share with you an amazing story I heard tonight!!

So tonight was our Middle School Ministry small group night where all the middle schoolers who are currently in a small group get together and have a night of learning with their leaders... Anywho, we were only a few minutes into the night when one of our young leaders approached me about our Beloved event that we have coming up in two weeks - and she proceeded to tell me about two different girls in her life that had asked her about the event and who she believes will REALLY benefit from a night of all-girls getting together and learning about how we are wired. So needless to say I freaked out a little... just a little :)

Then, during that same conversation, I had another of our leaders come up to me and ask about the event because she had two girls on her heart that had asked about it and she wants to get them plugged in!!! How good is God?!

It's no lie that I have had some serious stress over this event - but God is teaching me that growing always has somes pains... but will have a HUGE payoff in the end!!!

Ladies - I am so excited about what God is going to do through this 'Beloved' weekend and I CANNOT wait to see how God shows up and uses everyone there - He never dissappoints!


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