Monday, May 24, 2010

The Right 'Yes!'

Hello loves! I only have a few minutes, but I just had to share with you what God has been laying on my heart for the past week or so - and how He ever so slightly (or abruptly rather!) nudged me with it again today :)

So I have really been praying about my schedule and just how much time I am pouring into the things that I do - and in speaking to the 7th - 8th and 9th - 12th graders this past Sunday, God totally put it on my heart to start giving some things up...

My life has been so FULL lately, but when I sit down and go over the things that I do, I'm not sure that it has been full of the right things - all good things... but not the RIGHT things.

So my challenge has been to put an ear out for exactly what it is that GOD wants me to be doing, not what everyone in the world wants... only God.

I have to go for now. I'll add some more to this thought soon, but I just wanted to put a bug in your ear about asking God what it is that HE wants you to fill your day up with?

All My Love,

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